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Our children make a lot of products themselves, like Batik, keyhangers and stolas. You can buy these beautiful handmade creations and help the children at the same time!



Our children have a lot of activities during the day. Would you like to know what the children do every day? Read further!



We are always trying to improve the facilities, foods and hygiene the children have.

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Newsletter October 2016

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1 Nov, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

Strengthening of the Children Capacity

On 29th, October 2016, we provided a seminar hosted by social worker with one of the staff from the Department of Social Welfare. The children were given games with the theme of “Brain Games” and the material from that was what the children could discuss with their groups. They presented the results of their discussions [Read More…]

1 Nov, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti


On 23rd, October 2016, a trainer came to give a web training to the children and staff. The trainer is Clotilde Blanchet, she comes from Australia. She teaches how to set up online marketing for businesses. Then each of the children made a website as they wanted. Thank you for the knowledge that has been [Read More…]

26 Oct, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

A Meeting of All Heads of orphanage in Singaraja

All the heads had a meeting to discuss the development of orphanages around Singaraja. The head of the orphanage reported all the programs that have already implemented and will be sent to the center. On Sunday, 9th October 2016, all the heads came to have a meeting at Widhya Asih Singaraja.

25 Oct, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

North East Bali Youth

On Sunday, 16th October 2016, 25 members of a youth group from North East Bali came to visit. They came to attend the worship at Sangsit Church. They also longed to visit orphanage which is located in Singaraja. They are very sweet youth and loved the children. They played some games and interacted with the [Read More…]

25 Oct, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti


On Tuesday, 4 th, October 2016, Widhya Asih Singaraja was re-visited by Donna Powell from Australia. She came with a friend whose name is Lemme Heych. They came to see the children and gave a donation for some groceries. They stayed at the orphanage for two days. The next day, on Wednesday 5th, a group [Read More…]

25 Oct, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

Quinns Baptist College

Every year, we are visited by Quinns Baptist College. On September 28th, they came with 13 people; of them 5 were adults and the rest were the students from the school. They were very friendly with the children, they played and ran everywhere with our children. The Quinns students also visited the children’s school; met [Read More…]

18 Oct, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

Newsletter During August 2016

These are our activities during August 2016. Check it out!!  

31 Aug, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti


On Tuesday, 30th of August, there are students from Undiksha University to do BAKSOS (Bakti Sosial). They came with three lecturers. There are 70 students together. These students come from Sociology with different semester .  They did performances and interactions with each other. It made children happy. Then, they did routine with children together.

31 Aug, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

Sunday Girls Activity

Children’s Happiness They are given the opportunity to enjoy the nature around Singaraja.. The girls were swimming at Sanih on Sunday, 24th, July 2016.. Thanks to Yayasan Gotong Royong.

26 Jul, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

Back to Our Garden

We had eggplant to eat today. We love it. Thanks to Lord. Keep blessing Widhya Asih Singaraja Children’s Home.

21 Jul, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

New Batik Motif

Widhya Asih Singaraja Children’s Home is about more than just academics. We also try to nurture each child’s talents,creativity and skills trough Batik Making.  Our big wishes, it could be children’s provisions in the future.

19 Jul, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti


Thanks to Lord, We have fresh tomato from our garden. It has harvested many times. Our big wishes,  It could be covering our food cost.

18 Jul, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti

Our New Children

This year, we have received nine new children. They are coming from different village. They are not only come to get comfort but they have big dream and better life.

13 Jul, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti


On July 11st , 2016, The new Children’s organization is inaugurated by Franky Wardana ( head of Children’s Home) and prayed by pastor. Agustinus is the leader, Frida and Mita are secretary.  Good luck.

13 Jul, 2016 Nyanyi Romayanti
27 Oct, 2014 Yudi

Visit by BULDOG

On Sunday, October 5th, 2014. Widhya Asih 3 Singaraja visited by Buleleng Dogen “BULDOG” Community. at the visits they came with many of member from BULDOG. They came for give donation to the orphanage. During their visit, the group leader (Mr. Nova) gave the children motivation for study. All the children felt happy for their [Read More…]

8 Oct, 2014 Yudi

“Megibung” on Widhya Asih 3 Unniversary

Be grateful for the 34th anniversary of Widhya Asih 3 Singaraja. as our thank to the Lord, for the anniversary, we have celebrated the anniversary on Saturday, October 4th, 2014. At the event also present our dear friend from Pert Australia Danelle Hamilton with the Teacher and Student from Quinns Baptist College Australia. The other [Read More…]

8 Oct, 2014 Yudi

Study Room Renovation

To complement the learning facilities, on this month, September 21st 2014 we were renovate one study room for the children. this project will be done about for three weeks. This room we will use for computer room, because almost all of our children need the computer to do their homework from the school. Base on [Read More…]

29 Sep, 2014 Yudi

Undhira International Visit

Widhya Asih 3 Singaraja, has visited by Undhira International on 18th up to 19th September 2014. This relation has stranded since 4 years ago. On this visit they also did many activities, like Batik Making for them selves then at the night, they make an attraction with all the children. Their presence is very useful [Read More…]

29 Sep, 2014 Yudi

Sunrise School Visit

At this moment we would like to thank you very much from bottom of our heart for all the group from Sunrise school for visit us on September, 8th up to 9th 2014. On this visit has done many activities at the Widhya Asih 3. all of the children felt happy and grateful. some activities [Read More…]

29 Sep, 2014 Yudi

Emmanuel Indonesian Presbyterian Church Mission Trip 2014

On July, 6th up to 13th 2014. we have visited by Emmanuel Indonesian Presbyterian Church by their mission trip 2014. On their visit, they did many activities during staying with the children. They teach the children about the Meaning of Life, Togetherness, Hygiene, Health. They also teach the children made some activities under the group. [Read More…]

2 Aug, 2014 Yudi