About us

Widhya Asih Singaraja Children’s Home is located in Singaraja,  in northern Bali. The Children’s Home was established in 1980 as the social service agency in Bali. We are working on reducing poverty among our people, by providing our children family based care, healthy and nutritious food, access to formal education, further skills, and last but not least a safe and a hygienic living space.

Widhya Asih Singaraja Children’s Home is about more than just academics. We also try to nurture each child’s talents, creativity and skills through gardening, Balinese dancing, land cultivation, batik making, sewing, and teaching them how to play traditional and modern instruments.

Teamwork is really important in Widhya Asih Singaraja Children’s Home. The children work together to complete daily tasks, with each child having their own responsibilities to uphold. This increases a sense of community within the Children’s Home and prepares the children in a positive way for life after Widhya Asih Singaraja Children’s Home.


“ Widhya Asih to be the leading social service agency in Bali working to reduce poverty among our people”

“By providing safe and hygienic living space, nutritious food, access to formal education, quality health care and additional training in wholesome values and productive life skills, we help impoverished people help themselves to break their cycle of poverty”

Our objective
To ensure that poor children are able to access their rights to education and safety consistent with domestic and international law”

How we measure our success
 “We continually monitor and measure the percentage of our children who successfully finish high school (or advanced training) and move on to a self-sustaining life situation in their own communities”