The Widhya Asih Singaraja Children's Home exists because of the generosity of our supporters. The more people are able to donate, the more projects can be established.  We sincerely thank you for your support.  Donations can be made by direct payment into our Bank Account.

How You Can Help

A. Children in Family Based Care :

IDR. 1.200.00 /child/year

B. Children In Widhya Asih Singaraja Children's Home

1 Food IDR. 2.700.000/child/year
2 School Fee IDR. 2.400.000/child/year
3 Education Material IDR. 500.000/child/year
4 Personal Hygiene IDR. 600.000/child/year
5 Medical Care IDR. 480.000/child/year
6 Transport IDR. 1.200.000/child/year

There are many options in our project, if you would like to support, please choose one or more project.

Bank Details of Widhya Asih Singaraja Children's Home

Name of Bank BNI 46
Address of Bank Jln. Surapati Singaraja Bali- Indonesia
Account Name Panti Asuhan Widhya Asih III Singaraja
Account Number 0223720470