Emmanuel Indonesian Presbyterian Church Mission Trip 2014

On July, 6th up to 13th 2014. we have visited by Emmanuel Indonesian Presbyterian Church by their mission trip 2014. On their visit, they did many activities during staying with the children. They teach the children about the Meaning of Life, Togetherness, Hygiene, Health. They also teach the children made some activities under the group. Singing, Dance, Theater, Drama, Performing, etc.. At the evening they showed what they have done in a group. The next day, they learned of batik making with the children tutored by staff and plant the sandalwood as a Go Green mission. For this project they planted 80 trees of sandalwood at the garden near the river. and the most important is they gave us donation for entrance fee of the new children. as our thanksgiving, we would like to thank you very much for all thing that you have done for us. Your coming has blessed all of the children.

Team Character Building


Emmanuel Indonesian Presbyterian Church Mission Trip 2014

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