Ayu Derly Graduation
Ayu Derly Nurse

My name is Ni Gusti Ayu Kadek Derliantini. I was born on September, 29th  1990. I am from Gitgit village south of Singaraja.  My  parents are farmer but they worked for others. They only could help my study until elementary school. But I didn’t want to stop until there. I really wanted to continue my study. My parents gave me the solution to stay with my aunty. There I can continued for my study and worked after school to sell vegetables and worked at the farm. Finally I decided to stay with my aunty for 3 years and finished my junior high school in 2006.

When I finished my junior high school, I really wanted to continue to high school. I want to have better life than  before, so I told again to my parents, how I can get to school again. My parent heard the information about Panti Asuhan Widhya Asih at Singaraja that helped the poor children who could not go to school. My dad asked me to stay there so that I can get help to continue my study. When I heard about that I felt afraid to live there, but I also felt happy because there was expectancy to continue my study. Than I asked my dad to register me imidietly. It was hard to get stay there because many children wanted to stay there to get some help. I almost was not accepted in Panti Asuhan because they only accepted for the children in elementary school. After I completed the condition such Surat Keterangan Miskin (papers that explain someone is poor) from village Goverment and recomendation from Pak Bagus someone from the church that one organisation with that Panti Asuhan. Finally I accepted there.

The orphanage where I was living is named Panti Asuhan Widhya Asih 3 Singaraja. I stayed and school there for 3 years. Since the first time i was very happy to stay there because there is many children so i have many friends there. At Panti Asuhan i got many education, they teach me many vocational training such as Making Batik, Sawing,  handycraft and many others.

When I was first grade in high school I saw some older children already go to collage and then I was dreaming to go to collage too. And then I told it what I felt to the head of orphanage. He supported me about that, and he told me to keep pray and study hardly so might I can get a sponsor to help me to go collage. When I was second grade I joined english class with Mr. William Gozen from Holland in orphanage. He also an a active sponsor  to help the children in education. He worked with his partner Bpk. Made Cornelis in one foundation is named Yayasan Gotong Royong.

Mr. William gave us english class twice a week. I kept aactive to study hard follow his class and until he interested to help me and get communication. He ask me what I want to be and he said want to help me. I felt very happy like I still in my dream and I can go to collage. I kept study hard and got good values. Finally in 2009 I graduated from high school and went to collage with Yayasan Gotong Royong help at Stikes Bethesde Yakkum Yogyakarta. In 2012 I finished Diploma 3 Keperawatan, but Yayasan Gotong Royong still give me change to continue my study because they see my IP is good. And then I finished S1 Keperawatan in 2014 and i have to follow nurse program for one year. And now i just need to find a good job.

This is the story about my struggle to study. Very thankfull to Panti Asuhan Widhya Asih 3 Singaraja and Yayasan Gotong Royong who already very kindly to help me for school. I hope i can success finish the nurse program. I hope Panti Asuhan Widhya Asih 3 Singaraja and Yayasan Gotong Royong always can continue helping poor children.

Thank you very much, God bless us.