25 Oct , 2016,
Nyanyi Romayanti
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On Tuesday, 4 th, October 2016, Widhya Asih Singaraja was re-visited by Donna Powell from Australia. She came with a friend whose name is Lemme Heych. They came to see the children and gave a donation for some groceries. They stayed at the orphanage for two days. The next day, on Wednesday 5th, a group came from International school in Denpasar. Most of their students come from different countries, namely Japan and Germany. Their group consisted of 17 students and 2 lecturers. They came as part of a programme run by Undira International School. The students invited the children to play games together. On Thursday the 6th, Donna with her friend and the International Group left Widhya Asih. We thank you all for visiting and caring. We love you.



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